Australia's leading Agriculture, CLM learning platform RSO Prime is an online learning platform created to assist organisations with their delivery of the AHC Training Package via online delivery. Try it now To learn more about RSO Prime, simply scroll down or use the links at the top of the page. Or you can dive right in to our demonstration unit "AHCWHS201 - Participate in work, health and safety processes" to see how it all looks by clicking the link below. horticulture &
Core Features
RSO Prime is a learning platform targeted at Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation Land Management.
Learning materials, Assessments and Supporting Documentation for the Updated AHC Package (2016) are provided for a range of units, ready to deliver to your students \ participants.
Simple online delivery of AHC units
Updated for AHC 2016 package
Deliver to Students Anywhere, Anytime
Full Suite of Supporting Documents
Up-to-date & Comprehensive Mapping
Designed for ease of use
Updated Design & Layout
User Friendly Navigation
Embedded Video
HTML5 Compliant
Secure and reliable operation
SSL Secured Site
High Speed Operation
Guaranteed 99% Uptime
Backed by Microsoft Azure
Additional Features
Easy grading & Administration
Simple User Enrolment
Grade Submissions Quickly
Track Submission Attempts
System Automated Grading on Certain Activities
Robust reporting & evidence collection
1 Click Unit Completion Reports For Participants
Collect Evidence Per Unit Per Participant
Simple Knowledge Check Reporting
Learning Material Reports
coming soon!
Full iPad and Tablet Support
Unit Of Competency Reports with Collected Evidence
Video Evidence Upload
And Much, Much More

Available units

Total Units Available
Certificate I
Certificate II
Certificate III

The following units include new and revised content, assessments and mapping documentation aligned to the AHC Training Package requirements.

New units have also been added to RSO Prime to potentially offer Horticulture and CLM qualifications, that have not been catered for previously, as well expand the number of units available across the board more generally.

AHCCHM101 Follow basic chemical safety rules
AHCLSK101 Support extensive livestock work
AHCMOM101 Assist with routine maintenance of machinery and equipment
AHCNAR101 Support natural area conservation NEW
AHCNAR102 Support native seed collection
AHCNSY101 Support nursery work
AHCWHS101 Work safely
AHCWRK101 Maintain the workplace

AHCBIO201 Inspect & clean machinery for plant, animal & soil material
AHCCHM201 Apply chemicals under supervision
AHCINF201 Carry out basic electric fencing operations
AHCINF202 Install, maintain and repair farm fencing
AHCINF203 Maintain properties and structures
AHCLSC201 Assist with landscape construction work
AHCLSK202 Care for health and welfare of livestock
AHCLSK204 Carry out regular livestock observation
AHCLSK205 Handle livestock using basic techniques
AHCLSK206 Identify and mark livestock
AHCLSK207 Load and unload livestock
AHCLSK209 Monitor water supplies
AHCLSK210 Muster and move livestock
AHCLSK211 Provide feed for livestock
AHCMOM202 Operate tractors
AHCMOM203 Operate basic machinery and equipment
AHCMOM204 Undertake operational maintenance of machinery
AHCNSY203 Undertake propagation activities
AHCPCM201 Recognise plants
AHCPGD201 Plant trees and shrubs
AHCPMG201 Treat weeds
AHCPMG202 Treat plants, diseases and disorders
AHCSOL202 Assist with soil or growing media sampling and testing
AHCWHS201 Participate in work health and safety processes
AHCWRK201 Observe and report on weather
AHCWRK204 Work effectively in the industry
AHCWRK205 Participate in workplace communications
AHCWRK207 Collect and record production data
AHCWRK209 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

AHCBAC306 Establish agricultural crops
AHCBAC307 Maintain agricultural crops
AHCBIO302 Identify and report unusual disease or plant pest signs NEW
AHCCHM307 Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases (Previously Known as AHCCHM303 Prepare and apply chemicals )
AHCCHM304 Transport and store chemicals
AHCINF302 Plan and construct an electric fence
AHCINF303 Plan and construct conventional fencing
AHCLSK301 Administer medication to livestock
AHCLSK305 Maintain livestock water supplies
AHCLSK308 Identify and draft livestock
AHCLSK309 Implement animal health control programs
AHCLSK311 Implement feeding plans for livestock
AHCLSK316 Prepare livestock for competition
AHCMOM302 Perform machinery maintenance
AHCMOM304 Operate machinery and equipment
AHCMOM305 Operate specialised machinery and equipment
AHCNAR301 Maintain natural areas NEW
AHCPCM301 Identify a plant nutrition program NEW
AHCPCM302 Provide information on plants and their culture NEW
AHCPGD304 Implement a landscape maintenance program NEW
AHCPMG301 Control weeds
AHCPMG302 Control plant pests, diseases and disorders NEW
AHCSOL303 Implement soil improvements for gardens and turf areas NEW
AHCTRF303 Implement a grassed area maintenance program NEW
AHCWHS301 Contribute to work health and safety processes
AHCWRK302 Monitor weather conditions
AHCWRK305 Coordinate work site activities NEW
AHCWRK309 Apply environmentally sustainable work practices

Pricing Plans
Per User (inc GST)
Up to 15 Students
*Facility Access Fee Of $500 Required
Pay $1100 total for 5 user logons
Access all units & activities
99% Uptime Guaranteed
Student evidence backup & protection
Full reporting options
Unlimited Students \ Particpants
Customised site branding
Full control over users & enrolments
Per User (inc GST)
Over 15 Students
Suitable for larger organisations
Includes 10 User Logons
* Facility access fee of $2200 required
Access all units & activities
99% Uptime Guaranteed
Student evidence backup & protection
Full reporting options
Unlimited Students \ Particpants
Customised site branding
Full control over users & enrolments
Contact for quote
Suitable for over-arching providers
Fully customisable and branded
Special pricing on larger providers
Access all units & activities
99% Uptime Guaranteed
Student evidence backup & protection
Full reporting options
Unlimited Students \ Particpants
Customised site branding
Full control over users & enrolments
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